«Touchdown Europe»: Football-Yearbook 2005 about all European Leagues17.5.2005admin

For the first time in the European American Football history there will shortly be a season-yearbook released, which presents all the amateur leagues in Europe: «Touchdown Europe». Through 100 four-color pages, the European Top-100 Football teams are extensively presented, along with stories about American imports, the top players and coaches in
Europe as well as the top 500 teams in Europe ranked. So for the very first time, European Football players and fans have the oppurtunity to see where their team lies in comparison with the rest of Europe. Particularly exciting is the situation in the top-25 teams: Who is Europe’s number 1? Topteams like the Vienna Vikings, the Braunschweig Lions, the Moscow Patriots or the Bergamo Lions tussle for the top spot in the Touchdown-Europe Ranking.

The 2005 Season is already running at full speed in the European Football leagues (or in some European countries is just about to start)- Though similarly to the well-know USA preseason magazines, Touchdown Europe is ageless. American Football fans in Europe won’t be able to get enough of «Touchdown Europe»: There has never been a magazine which has such an extensive and complete overview of the European Amateur Football scene. The magazine is either avaliable in German or English for just 7 Euro (9 USD). With every 100 magazines bought by your Football Club, you receive an additional 40% discount! An overview of all the teams presented, the table of contents of the magazine and numerous dummy pages can be found at www.touchdowneurope.org. The website also enables you to order the magazine worldwide securely and quickly.